Tenor stencil saxophone made in GDR

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Tenor stencil saxophone made in GDR

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I have just bought a Tenor saxophone labelled 'Made in GDR' with a serial number 50664. It is engraved with a large logo 'Apollo' on the bell.
Do you have any ideas of its manufacture or year of production? Also, were these exported to the UK or has it arrived more recently?
Thanks very much.

Mario Weller
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Re: Tenor stencil saxophone made in GDR

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Hello Belldo,

your tenor saxophon is build in May 1977 in B & S manufacture in Klingenthal, Saxony. The stencil name "Apollo" was new for me, thats very interesting. It is possible, your Instrument has 33 keys, without high fis?

Best regards

Mario Weller