old lute

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old lute

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Dear people from this forum,
sorry i dont talk to you in german, because my german is really bad!

i hope anyone can help me with a question i have,

i bought a while ago an old lute.
the former owner didnt no anything about it.
i really like to find out who made it and how old it is.
i did a lot of research on the internet but i am not much furder now.

i found 1 lute on the net, that realy looks like it.

it is a renaissance lute, 7 cords, made of fichte, ahorn and eboney
it has a brandmark (brandmerke) just underneauth the neck what looks like a AM in old style curly letters.
and in the top of the ebony fretboard is a small mark that looks like a combination of the letters K and P

the lute i saw on line realy looks like it is made by 2 brothers from Markneukirchen (thats how i found this forum)
their name is Karl and Peter Meinel

i will try to send a few photograps.

i hope somebody can help me out on this,
Thanks very much!!

the Netherlands