B&S Alto question

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B&S Alto question

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I have a B&S Alto sax with serial number 8641.
It has hardly been used at all and is in perfect condition.

There are two questions I have:

1. When/where is this produced?

2. The tone holes closest to the bend are not perfectly circular, meaning they are flattened on the top.
Is this a "feature" or just sloppy production?



Mario Weller
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Re: B&S Alto question

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Hello Harald,

sorry, I can give you only answer, about your question number one.

Your B & S - Altsaxophon was produced in March 1982. Have fun and every time a good tune!

Best regards from Germany

Mario Weller

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Re: B&S Alto question

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Hello Mr. Weller, could you please tell me the year that my B&S blue label tenor was made? SN 10476, thank you!

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Re: B&S Alto question

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... this B&S tenor ("Blue Label" is a phantasie name of the www) was made in 1985. In this year a new numbering begins at 001100. Your tenor is one of the last horns with the old numbering.


Uwe Ladwig