Stainer copy - which German manufactur?

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Stainer copy - which German manufactur?

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I would like to kindly ask you for help in recognizing which German/Austrian manufacture has produced my violin.
Few weeks ago I brought it from a luther after a small renovation and he told me it can be XIX German manufactur but its very hard to find which. The violin accessories such as chinrest and string holder are modern. The oryginal chinrests (which was broken) was dresden style. I got no paper tag inside. The stamp of Stainer on my violin is very specific and I have never seen the same after investigating internet pictures. On the back it got a specific vanish lack which could be some evidence the manufactur got some specific substances to color the violin.


Back - 36 cm
Head measured from back - 23 cm
Back taill - up 16,5cm
Back taill- bottom 20,5 cm
Back taill- mid 10,5 cm

Kind regards,

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