The Markneukirchen Musical Instrument Museum has been situated since 1942 in the Paulus-Schlössel, a townsman’s home of the late baroque period, built in 1784. With over 3100 musical instruments from all over the world, the Museum houses resources unequaled on its scale, of interest to both amateurs and specialists. The many forms of the musical instruments, the richness of ideas, and the craftsmanship of the instrument makers fascinate the beholder. The museum was founded in 1883 through a trade society at the initiative of the teacher and organist Paul Apian-Bennewitz, who was anxious to create an educational establishment for musical instrument makers. There are numerous instruments which document the development of instrument making in the region of Vogtland as well as all over the world. Some interesting curiosities illustrate the bountiful skills of the instrument makers. Thus, one can see a tuba with a1.02 m daiameter bell an overall length of 4.65 m.

The largest accordion in the world was made in Zwota, a village near Markneukirchen for a performing group from England. Six girls with the name of “Doorlay” played it in 1938/39 and afterwards sent it back for repair. In 1967 it was given to the museum. next >>>